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Unisa Short Learning Programmes
Practical Project Management Programme (75256)


The Practical Project Management Programme (PPM) is a 12-month programme which is highly sought after in the marketplace as it equips entry-level managers with the skills to transform ideas into successful projects or ventures. 

Since its introduction in 1993 the programme has increasingly been updated to meet market needs. Its aim is to provide practical experience and knowledge in project management and it is designed to ensure that theoretical infrastructure complements practice. 

Target group

Anyone interested in or already involved with projects who wish to further develop their skills in project management 

Admission requirements

Applicants must have a Senior Certificate and at least three years’ work experience. Admission is granted on the understanding that students are able to attend syndicate group meetings and the compulsory study schools at the SBL in Midrand. Apply well in advance to ensure admission. The application form is available on SBL website: A clear photocopy of the form can also be used. 



One year 

Language medium


Registration periods

January 2017 to February 2017 

Study school dates: Two study schools will take place. Dates will be communicated to successful students 


Tuition method

Group assignments; study schools (compulsory); course content supplied on electronic delivery system; contact sessions with study; the key areas of the syllables are covered by a balanced combination of distance education, residential tuition, study-group activities, assignments and multimedia interaction through an electronic delivery system (eds online) 

Kind of assessment


Formative assessment and examination admission will comply with UNISA’s formative assessment rules and policies 

Formative assessment: 

Group assignments 

Summative assessment: 

Three-hour examinations per module (examination eligibility will be assessed according to the rules and procedures applicable to the PPM and the Assessment Policy of UNISA of the Graduate School of Business Leadership) 

Project Planning (PPMPP21)
Syllabus/Content Topics
  • Introduction to project management 
  • The project manager’s role 
  • Project planning 
  • Project planning techniques 
  • Scope management 
  • Work breakdown structure management 


Managing People (PPMMP22)
Syllabus/Content Topics
  • Human factors that play a role in organisations 
  • Functioning of project teams 
  • Conflict on projects 
  • Types of conflict 
  • Joint problem solving 


Cost Management (PPMCM23)
Syllabus/Content Topics
  • Role of financial management 
  • Financial feasibility analysis 
  • Ranking prospective projects 
  • Cost, budgeting and variance analysis 
  • Payback period 
  • Return on investment 
  • Nett present value 
  • Internal rate of return 
  • Cash flow analysis 
  • Risk and uncertainty 


Project Scheduling and Control (PPMPS24)
Syllabus/Content Topics
  • Resource estimates and forecasts 
  • Project scheduling 
  • Project control 
  • The concept of uncertainty 
    • Uncertainty 
    • Resources, estimates and forecasts 
    • Management by exception 
  • Project audits 
  • Techniques for maximisation of wealth 
  • Value analysis 


Supply Chain Management and Legal Aspects (PPMSC25)
Syllabus/Content Topics
  • Basic concepts in material management 
  • Planning and control in supply chain 
  • Management of improvements in supply chain 


Labour Law and Contracts (PPMLL26)
Syllabus/Content Topics
  • Basic principles of the Law of Contract 
  • Basic principles of negotiation and alternative dispute resolution 
  • Underlying principles of mediation and arbitration and the hybrid processes of alternative dispute resolution 
  • Selected aspects of the Employment Equity Act 
  • Selected aspects of the Labour Relations Act 
  • Selected aspects of the Basic conditions of the Employment Act 
  • The responsibilities employers have towards their employees in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS), Compensation for Occupational Injury and Diseases Act and the Unemployment Insurance Fund Act 


Course leader

Prof A A Okharedia BSC Hons MSc LLB LLM PhD 

Office 4-16, SBL Building, cnr First & Smuts Avenue, Midrand 

Tel: 011 652 0000 

Tel: 011 652 0375 

Fax: 011 652 0299 


Programme administrator(s)

Ms M C Songo 

Office 2-16, SBL Building, cnr Smuts & First Avenue, Midrand 

Tel: 011 652 0000 

Tel: 011 652 0367 

Fax: 011 652 0299