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Unisa Short Learning Programmes
Programme in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Project Management (ODL) (72524)


Training of delegates in all aspects of project management 

Target group

Any individual wishing to study project management 

Admission requirements

Senior Certificate or an equivalent NQF level 4 qualification 


One year 

Language medium


Registration periods

December to January and/or June to July 

Tuition method

UNISA open distance education 

Kind of assessment


Formative assessment and examination admission will comply with UNISA’s formative assessment rules and policies 

Formative assessment: 

Two assignments per module 

Summative assessment: 

One portfolio of evidence per module 

The Project Management Framework (DAPM01M)
Syllabus/Content Topics

The Context Project Management 

  • The necessity for project management 
  • The project management context 
  • What is a project? 
  • What is a programme? 
  • What is project management? 
  • Relationship with other management disciplines 
  • Organisational structuring for project management 
  • Combination on line and project management structure 


Strategic Project Management (DAPM02N)
Syllabus/Content Topics

Managing by Projects: Strategic Perspective 

A Changing Public Sector environment: The Importance of a Strategic Response 

  • The changing nature of public sector management 
  • Analysing the environment: the systems approach 
  • Characteristics of the management environment 
  • Implications of the environment on public management 
  • Ways in which management reacts towards the environment 

Strategic Management: The Process 

  • Strategic management defined 
  • Strategic planning: envisioning an institution’s future 
  • Strategic management: the process 

From Strategy to Implementation: The Use of Projects 

  • Managing by projects 
  • Setting up project support offices 
  • Strategy implementation/project management interface 
  • Establishing a project-based management structure 
  • Project implementation 


Managing Change through Projects 

Change Management: Transforming Institutional Service Delivery through Projects 

  • Conceptualisation: change management 
  • The scale of change on public institutions 
  • The principles of change 
  • Types of change 
  • Stability and chance 
  • The context of change in the South African public service 
  • Change in a strategic project management environment 
  • From change to projects 

Change Management: The Process 

  • Three phases of transition 
  • The change management process 
  • Elements that often derail change initiatives 

Managing the Human aspects of Change 

  • Resistance to change 
  • Reactions to change 
  • Managing resistance to change 
  • Role of transitional communication 
  • Cultural aspects of change management 
  • Role of project managers as change agents 
  • Managing change: skills requirements 


Project Management for Development and Upliftment (DAPM03P)
Syllabus/Content Topics

Project Management and Development 

  • Local government in South Africa 
  • The role of government in managing development projects and programmes 
  • Functions of the public manager as a project manager in development 

Project Management for Upliftment 

  • Policies, programmes and strategies 
  • Project management and upliftment 

Community Participation in Development Projects 

  • Defining participation 
  • Empowering communities 
  • Enabling structures for community participation 
  • Community involvement in the project cycle 


Project Management Processes (DAPM04Q)
Syllabus/Content Topics

Project Phases 

  • The project life cycle 
  • Project stakeholders 

Project Initiation 

  • Project identification 
  • Project team set-up 
  • Project definition 

Project Planning 

  • Planning issues 
  • Planning and projects 
  • Planning processes 
  • Work breakdown structure (WBS) 
  • Network diagrams 
  • Bar charts 
  • Milestones 

Project Execution and Control 

  • Implementing the project 
  • Controlling the project 

Project Closing 

  • Avoiding drift 
  • Having a closing event 

Influences on Projects 

  • Project review 


Project Time Management (DAPM05R)
Syllabus/Content Topics

Project Time Management 

  • Optimising time 
  • Time management: the process 

Time Management Techniques and Tools 

  • Project management techniques 
  • Project time management tools 

Personal Time Management for Project Managers 

  • The importance of personal time management 
  • Eliminate time wasters 
  • Eliminating inappropriate work 
  • Delegate and monitoring tasks of team members 
  • Setting personal goals and objectives 
  • Opitimise waiting and traveling time 
  • Common challenges in time management 


Project Cost Management (DAPM08U)
Syllabus/Content Topics

Resource Management 

  • Resource management 
  • Conclusion 

Cost Estimating 

  • Developing estimates 
  • Methods of cost estimating 
  • Cost estimating outcomes 
  • Cost estimate considerations 

Cost Budgeting 

  • Functions of a budget 
  • Public sector budgets 
  • Project budgets 
  • Preparing the budget 
  • Cost baseline 

Cost Control 

  • Earned value analysis 
  • Outputs from cost control 


Project Quality Management (DAPM11P)
Syllabus/Content Topics

Quality Planning 

  • Project planning management 
  • Quality planning 

Quality Assurance 

  • Quality assurance 
  • Quality improvement 

Quality Control 

  • Quality control system 
  • Tools and techniques for quality control 
  • Outputs from quality control 


Project Human Resource Management (DAPM07T)
Syllabus/Content Topics

Organisational Planning 

  • Nature of planning 
  • Organisational planning 
  • Tools and techniques for organisational planning 

Staff Acquisition 

  • Project post analysis 
  • Staff acquisition 
  • Inputs to staff acquisition 

Team Development 

  • Distinguishing team building from team development 
  • Theoretical stages of team development 
  • Team development 
  • Barriers to project team development 
  • Team effectiveness 
  • Team effectiveness review (TER) 

People Dynamics in Project Management 

  • Role of the project manager 
  • Role of the project team members 
  • Important people dynamics in project management 
  • Politics and project management 
  • Ethics and professionalism in project management 


Project Communication Management (DAPM12Q)
Syllabus/Content Topics

Project Communication Management: A Macro perspective 

  • Understanding government communication 
  • The context of government communications: framework and constraints 
  • Task group government communication: key findings 

Project Communication Management: Key Focus Areas 

  • The importance of project communication management 
  • Communication management planning 
  • Communication roles and responsibilities of the project manager 
  • Communication for effective conflict resolution 
  • Communication for project team building 
  • Communication with a diverse team 
  • Communication for results 
  • Communication for effective task delegation 

Presentation: The Art of “Selling” the Project 

  • Benefits of project presentation 
  • Selling the project 
  • Preparing for an effective presentation 
  • Starting the presentation 
  • Delivering the presentation 
  • Completion 

Project Meeting Management 

  • Setting the agenda 
  • Conducting the meeting 
  • Dealing with specific meeting issues 

Project Documentation and Reporting 

  • Project management documentation 
  • Documentation types 
  • Project reporting 
  • Report writing skills 
  • Reporting 
  • Notices and project-related memoranda 
  • Feasibility studies 
  • Business plan 


Project Risk Management (DAPM10N)
Syllabus/Content Topics

Introduction to Risk Management and the Risk Management Cycle 

  • The role of risk management project management 
  • The scope of risk management 

Risk Identification 

  • What to use in risk management 
  • What to do in risk management 

Risk Assessment 

  • What to use in risk assessment 
  • What to do with risk assessment 

Risk Response Development and Control 

  • What to use in risk response development 
  • What to do with risk response development 
  • What to use in risk response control 
  • What to do with risk response control 


Project Procurement Management (DAPM09V)
Syllabus/Content Topics

Project Procurement Management and Planning 

  • Procurement management 
  • Project procurement planning 
  • Statements of work (SOW) 

Solicitation Planning, Solicitation and Source Selection 

  • Solicitation planning 
  • Source selection 

Contract Administration and Close-out 

  • Contract administration 
  • Contract close-out 

Quality, Ethics and Procurement 

  • Quality and procurement 
  • Total quality management (TQM) 
  • Planning quality 
  • Ethical considerations in project procurement 
  • Overview of the framework for public tenders in South Africa 


Information Technology for Project Management (DAPM06S)
Syllabus/Content Topics

Plan and track any project by using project guidelines and techniques 


  • Conduct project planning and compile project planning reports 
  • Compile a project charter  
  • Understand and compile a project scope statement 
  • Compile Gantt, PERT and network charts 
  • Compile and implement project communication plans 
  • Compile a detailed itemised budget 
  • Ensure that project quality is maintained  
  • Identify project risks and identify contingency plans to manage the negative impact of risks 
  • Compile various project reports 

Course leader

Mr L A A Matthews MA (Development Management)  

Centre for Public Administration and Management  

Office G01, Ground floor, Solomon Mahlangu Building, Pretoria central  

Tel: 012 352 4217  



Programme administrator(s)

Ms L Champion  

Centre for Public Administration and Management  

Office  G01, Ground floor, Solomon Mahlangu Building, Pretoria central  

Tel: 012 352 4265