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Unisa Short Learning Programmes
IISA Short Course in Elements of Short Term InsuranceThis qualification has been discontinued. No new, first time registrations are allowed for 2015. Students registered prior to 2015 have only the May 2015 examination in order to complete this course. (76635)

This course has been discontinued and no new, first time registrations will be allowed. Only students enrolled prior to 2015 will be allowed to re-register in order to complete any outstanding modules. They have the April/May and September/October 2015 examinations in order to complete any outstanding modules.


The purpose of this short course and the module is to build the knowledge and skill required by employees in Short Term Insurance who may have had schooling and training in insurance, but have not acquired the necessary knowledge and skills required and regarded as an essential prerequisite for the studying of short term insurance in the IISA Programme in Short Term Insurance. It introduces a basic understanding of the key terms, rules, concepts and principles of the field of short term insurance. 


Target group

Insurance personnel employed in short term insurance industry 

Admission requirements

Senior Certificate or an equivalent NQF level 4 qualification 


Six months 

Language medium


Registration periods

First semester: 29 November to 24 January 

Tuition method

UNISA open distance learning through study guides, learning material and support programmes 

Kind of assessment


Formative assessment and examination admission will comply with UNISA’s formative assessment rules and policies 

Formative assessment: 

One assignment (made up of multiple-choice questions) must be submitted and will count towards the final mark. 

Summative assessment: 

A formal 2-hour examination question paper will be set for each module. Candidates must obtain at least 50% per module to pass. A mark of 75% will constitute a distinction. Supplementary (second opportunity) examinations will be written in the following semester when the particular module is offered and carry an additional examination fee. 

Elements of Short term Insurance (ICST016)
HEQF Level of Module - NQF Level 5
Credits of Module - 12
Syllabus/Content Topics
  • The Insurance Market 
  • Legislative Framework for Insurance 
  • The Law of Contract 
  • The Financial Advisory and Intermediaries Services (FAIS) Act 
  • The Short Term Insurance Act 
  • All Risk insurance 


Course leader

Prof J Marx 

Department of Finance and Risk Management and Banking 

Office 3-43, A J H van der Walt Building, UNISA 

Tel: 012 429 4513 

E-mail: / 


Programme administrator(s)


Tel: 012 352 4228 / 4377 

Fax: 086 639 7433