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Unisa Short Learning Programmes
Advanced Programme in Sourcing and Supply Chain Management (71218)


The aim of the programme is to provide employees in purchasing, sourcing and supply related fields with a broader vision of and insight into strategic sourcing, the supply chain management approach, negotiations and global sourcing. It further aims to equip students to apply theoretical knowledge gained in this area to their current working environment. 


Target group

People working in supply chains of organisations, or planning a career in the field 


Admission requirements

A university degree; or a Management Development Programme offered by various universities; or a National Diploma or B Tech degree from an accredited institution; or the UNISA Programme in Purchasing and Supply Management certificate; or the UNISA Programme in Public Procurement and Supply Management certificate. 



One year 

Language medium


Registration periods


Tuition method

UNISA open distance learning by means of study guides, tutorial letters and assignments 

Kind of assessment


Formative assessment and examination admission will comply with UNISA’s formative assessment rules and policies 

Formative assessment: 


Summative assessment: 


Strategic Sourcing Management (AASM01F)
Syllabus/Content Topics
  • World class supply management 
  • Purchasing becomes supply management 
  • Supply management: an organisation-spanning activity 
  • E-commerce II 
  • Outsourcing: to make or to buy 
  • Sourcing 
  • Global supply management 
  • Pricing 
  • Cost analysis 
  • Negotiation 
  • Relationship and contract management 
  • Specifications and standardisation 
  • The procurement of equipment 
  • Purchasing services 
  • Supplier development 


Supply Chain Management (AASM02G)
Syllabus/Content Topics
  • Supply chain management: concept and demarcation 
  • Planning for supply chain management 
  • Organisation for the supply chain 
  • Optimisation for the supply chain 
  • Control over the supply chain 
  • Customer service: a supply chain focus 
  • Total cost of ownership 
  • Supply chain and integrated logistics 
  • Investment recovery, reverse logistics and green supply chain 
  • E-commerce in the supply chain 
  • Time-based techniques in retailing 
  • Inventory in the supply chain 
  • Distribution in the supply chain 
  • The role of transport in the supply chain 


Negotiations (AASM03H)
Syllabus/Content Topics
  • Introduction to negotiation 
  • Planning and preparation for negotiation 
  • Negotiation for climate 
  • Negotiation for common ground 
  • Persuasive tactics 
  • Handling conflict and aggression 
  • Specialised negotiating areas 


Global Sourcing Management (Focussing on International Purchasing) (AASM04J)
Syllabus/Content Topics
  • Introduction to international purchasing 
  • International purchasing by South African enterprises 
  • Theoretical framework for international business 
  • Planning for international purchasing 
  • Foreign suppliers- identification and selection 
  • Organisation for international purchasing 
  • Procedures for international purchasing 
  • Payment for international purchases 
  • Control over international purchasing 
  • Countertrade 


Research Project (AASM05K)
Syllabus/Content Topics

A research study must be done in a strategic sourcing or a broader supply chain management context. (The research project includes a literature study and empirical study (case study) in the organisation of the student.) 

Course leader

Prof J A Badenhorst-Weiss 


Programme assistant

Tel: 012 352 4342/75 

Fax: 086 519 5871 



Programme administrator(s)

CBM help desk: 

Tel: (012) 352 4288 / 4170 / 4317 / 4383 

Fax: 012 429 4150